Car entertainment system

    • HERTZ DT 24.3 TWEETER 80W

      24 (0.9) mm (in.) | 20 (0.8) mm (in.) | Tweeter | 80 W | 4 Ohm The optimized structure of the neodymium tweeter offers high efficiency and linear, extended frequency response unheard of in this category. The DT 24 car audio tweeters optimized geometry […]

    • Hertz DST 30.3 12-Inch 250 RMS Subwoofer Bass Tube 4 Ohm 1000W Max

      Are you looking for a powerful, impressive, breathtaking bass? That is DST 30.3B, a 12’’ tube subwoofer, able to handle 1000W power. Its high power handling value is achieved thanks to the external butyl rubber surround, ensuring […]


      165 (6.5) mm (in.) | Coaxials | 220 W | 4 Ohm The 6.5” two way coaxials are available X 165 features a special designed tweeter faceplate optimized for exceptional off-axis performance to ensure a linear frequency response when installed in a factory […]

    • Hertz H604 HPower 4-Channel Class-A/B Amplifier, 520W

      Weight: 1.5kg Wattage: 520W Hertz HPower 4-Channel Class-A/B Amplifier, 520W, 4x85w @ 4 ohms, 4x 130W @ 2 ohms.


      (6 x 9) mm (in.) | 98 (3.9) mm (in.) | Three Way Coaxial | 180 W | 4 Ohm An authentic 3-way coax capable of reproducing a wide frequency spectrum. The DCX 690.3 car audio coaxials uses an oversized magnetic group, TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) surround, […]


      The APX 690 features an exclusive 40 mm horn loading dome tweeter that contributes to maximize efficiency up to 96dB SPL and an acoustics lens specifically designed and applied to the tweeter to increase dispersion in the […]

    • Nakamichi NM-NBF10.2A Underseat 10-Inch 900-Watt-Max Active Subwoofer with Remote

      The Nakamichi Underseat 10 In. 900 Watt Max Powered Subwoofer is a compact, self-contained powered subwoofer ideal for adding bass in tight spaces. The rugged aluminum enclosure measures just under 3 in. high! Your choice of high-level […]


      2-Channel – Class A/B, 500w Max Power – Bridgeable Amplifier 500 Watts Max Power Automatic signal sensing and Turn ON Hi-Volt input level control Balanced isolator input circuit Pioneer amplifiers automatically select the proper input signal mode, […]

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