Light the path and your vehicle!

Why you need to shift to enhanced lighting?

Automobile lighting should be a never failing arrangement because it is very crucial on the road. Just like a wrong light indication causes a wreck on the road, a moment without light can also cause damage. Also, like custom accessories, lights also play a vital role in enhancing your car’s appearance. A bumper with carved and majestic pairs of headlights along with other custom lights, like fog lamps, is the best way to give your car a sporty look. A long drive that calls for driving day and nights through deserted places would benefit from a well-structured lighting from us.

Why are we the best?

Asala Car Accessory of Oman has a good collection of small and big lights for all purposes. We see various dimensions about embellishing your car with best-in-the-market lights. It should work towards your safety in the first place. Also, your automobile should be stylish and neatly arranged. We sell high-bright headlights, side lights, backlights, fog lights, led lights and indicators. We also fit custom lights in an apt way that would go well with the design of your car.

What we supply

  • HID lighting kits & Halo lighting kits
  • Fog lights & off-road lights
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Exterior LED strips
  • Headlight assembly & Tail light assembly
  • Parking lights, Indicators & Side marking lights

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