Car Cooling

Double your in-car comfort!

Safe drive starts with a relaxed cabin!

Restless or discomforted seating prompts us to rush and drive carelessly. Think of how it would feel to ride a motorcycle in the summer noon-time sun and the traffic is pretty congested and slow. With cars, no matter how grueling it is outside, solutions are there to keep you comfy inside. Putting on a fine window film keeps you from getting distracted by scorching heat outside in the day and the annoying brights of vehicles at nights. Even the blazing sun looks as friendly as the soon-to-set evening sun from your car. A good cooling wrap won’t allow you to turn on AC during a heated day. It can lower the temperature inside by preventing the rays from getting inside.

Why are we the best?

Enhance the comfort inside your car by having us apply a cooling film for your vehicle. A perfect cooling film coupled with neat sticking adds up to the elegance and outward appearance of your car. Our cooling films look thin on your glass but comprise multiple layers of nano protection. We ensure 100% smooth vision to outside for passengers and limit the inward vision to your desired opacity, considering at the same time the vehicle norms of such. Cars with exceptional color paint selection can benefit from cooling films matching their exterior from us.

Available cooling works & benefits

  • Windshield cooling
  • Side glass cooling
  • Customized cooling (like reduced cooling in the line of sight of driver)
  • Shading stickers for headlights for better sporty-looks
  • These films are highly durable
  • Manufactured with Hybrid nanotechnology and heat rejection properties
  • They reduce the Infrared heat waves upto 90% and blocks 95% of UV rays

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