Car multimedia

Transform your dashboard into a top-notch entertainment space with the best car multimedia gadgets.

Clipon monitor

Let technology join comfort in your car drives. We give you the latest digital-media stuff like headrest-mounted screens, videohead units.

Car camera

Upgrade your car surveillance to the best-in-market system. Get cameras for your dashboard and other parts with plenty of features.

Car headlights

Headlights are not only an accessory to light up your paths. It can also enhance the looks of your car with good, quality headlights.

Car polish

A good car polishing goes well with the best accessory setup. We have a real taste for manipulating your car with the right choice of wraps and paints.


An accessory-rich automobile is a clear reflection of its generous owner who is organized and stylish. We stun you with a wide collection of useful car accessories.

About us

Al Asala Car Accessories

Al Asala is the leading car accessory shop in Oman offering a complete solution for your needs of automotive parts and accessories. If car grooming is an art, we are the sublime artists. With a team of passionate automobile ‘nerds’ who find delight in setting up a car with what it takes to get it in the limelight and seeing them on road, Al Asala, the best car accessory supplier in Oman, gives you a wide selection car accessories, and provide you services like car polishing and repairing.

Al Asala Car Accessories


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